Duck and Cover

Practicing for a fire drill isn’t hard at all. It’s usually a nice break from class, especially when the weather is nice. It’s not scary. We don’t really even imagine real fires. Still, fire is dangerous…except that it’s been a looong time since a student has died in a fire in school, and fire isn’t a cold blooded killer.

Hearing gunshots in a school building is just plain eerie. Even if they’re blanks. Even if you’re just practicing. Even if it’s a drill. Even if there are no students inside. Huddling in the dark in your classroom during a drill and thinking about how it would be if the bad guys were really there instead of the super nice police officers we get to work with…it’s sobering.

You can try to keep it light and joke and smile, but then you hear the gun. And it gets louder and closer as you huddle in the dark. And all you can think of is what if this were really happening? And what if there were two dozen scared teenagers in here? And then you think about the places where it HAS happened. And then you think about your very own children. And you try not to cry.

It is GOOD that we practice this. And talk about this. And plan. It’s just hard. But sometimes it’s good to do hard things.