getting oily

My life needs cleaning. My home needs cleaning. I gotta get rid of some stuff. And I’ve gotta get me some oils.

The more Husband and I learn about the safety (or not!) of the stuff we use around the house, the more we want to get rid of it. Enter scented candles. I love me some scented candles. I can’t explain this driving passion I have for putting some good smells into my house. And we’ve gone fragrance free in the laundry area, and I want TO MAKE THINGS SMELL GOOD.

But, listen. Regular old scented candles are made from paraffin wax. They give off TOXINS when they burn. Like fumes. Like breathing toxic fumes. Because paraffin comes from petroleum. And you probably wouldn’t burn that inside. Further, if there’s metal in the center of your candle wick, you’re burning metal. Cored wicks are typically made of lead, tin, or zinc.

Plain old cotton wicks are groovy, though. So my plan is to start burning me some beeswax. OR maybe melting it in warmer? No paraffin. And beeswax smells nice. And it ACTUALLY CLEANS THE AIR instead of putting crappy stuff in it. But I don’t want to always and only be smelling beeswax so I want some oils to add some lovely scents. And I wanna get some yummy smells back into my clean laundry because I like walking into a laundry room that smells of something, not nothing.

Plus, there are gads of health benefits from essential oils, so I’m digging in. Let me know if you are, too, and I’ll keep you posted on the journey.

Young Living Essential Oils