Cutting up a deer…and not being Amish

Husband and I cut up a deer yesterday. Just the two of us. For the first time. And I think we sort of succeeded.

One step closer to self-sufficiency. Okay, I know we will never be “off the grid” or anything, but it’s nice to know you could manage if you needed to.

I always joke that I want to be Amish, but that’s not really true. I sort of aspire to be more like the Amish. I’m not giving up my electricity or makeup in exchange for bonnets and aprons or anything, although Amish gals are barefoot quite a bit…

What I love about Amish folks is that they are so self-sufficient. Growing and preserving most of your own food, doing it yourself, knowing where it came from: that’s cool. I want to be homemade, handcrafted, home-cooked, and home grown. But I have a job. As a working mother, I sometimes need convenience. Time is a commodity, and one that doesn’t run in excess around our house. We do the best we can, but if it needs to be frozen pizza tonight, then so be it.

I will not feel guilty when store bought reduces my stress level and allows me to not be crazy mama to my kids. I will, however, be homemade over store bought every chance I get.


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