Lost and (almost not) Found

My husband was hunting this weekend. This occurs frequently in the fall. No big deal. The kids and I headed outside to split and stack some wood on the front porch. Won’t Daddy be so proud of our hard work? I asked the kids.

I did the splitting (by hand, thank you) and then I tossed the wood to the kids, so they could pick it up and take it to the porch. Child One decided he would hook the wagon to his bike and pull a load of wood around the house that way. Child Two decided to tie individual chunks of wood to a rope hooked to her bike. She’s slow but she works, so whatever.

I decided to get the 4-wheeler out of the shed and take the last load of wood around the house with it. And then we finished stacking wood. And then we put the 4-wheeler away. And then I pulled the key out of the ignition. And then half an hour later I realized I hadn’t seen the key since pulling it out of the ignition. And it’s our only key.

I was wearing gloves, so I knew I wouldn’t have felt it leave my hand if I had dropped it. I didn’t remember hearing a clink, so I didn’t think it was on the shed floor. Which meant it was on grass…somewhere near the woodpiles.

Oh boy. I walked and walked and walked, retracing my steps back and forth, woodpile to shed, circling in and around each. I grabbed the flashlight from the house, back to the shed, shining in the corners, under things, behind things. I went to the woodpile and started shining the light in between the stacked logs. Seriously.

After a couple hours, I decided to take a break and start again after lunch. I sighed loudly. Actually, it was more of a growl. Don’t judge; I was alone outside. Then I said a prayer. I asked God to please just lead me in the direction of this key and draw my eyes to it. And I looked down. And I saw a little piece of metal. Attached to a ring. Attached to a little plastic dealer tag that is still on there. Thank you, Jesus. And I thought, Whew that was lucky! But then I thought, How is that luck when I asked God for help and he gave it to me?




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