Think, Tilt, and Wiggle

My friend Katie and I were lamenting that potty training girls can be a rather messier experience than one expects. See, things don’t always go in the direction you hope they will. I decided that it actually takes a little effort for the fairer sex to learn to master the craft of “going” more neatly and cleanly. See, little girls need to think, and tilt, and sometimes wiggle in order to achieve proper toilet training success.

I mentioned this three-pronged approach to Katie, and she said it should become the title of the book I will write one day. And I thought that was appropriate, actually, because there are many aspects of girls’ lives to which this idea can be applied. Thinking is evaluating how we approach ideas; tilting is when we change our approach; wiggling is when we put our plans into action and see results and change the world.

How can YOU think, tilt, and wiggle today?


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